A guide for hazard assessment for groups who are planning to visit The Bankmill Experience

Note: This listing is provided for you by Bankmill Visitor Center to assist when planning your visit. One of the aims is to help reassure visitors that all reasonable steps are being taken to avoid any unnecessary accidents, It should not affect your own personal judgments As a member off staff from a prospective school or other group we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit us and view the Center at your own convenience.

Disabled Access

All areas of Bank Mill are geared up to meet modern day requirements both inside and out, though parts of the Nature Reserve may present problems where access is over grass. The main pond however has pathways right round and all other parts of the Nursery, Jurassic Island and Coffee Shop are accessible. Car parking is reserved at the main entrance. Disabled toilets are on site.

Arrival & Departure

The Car park is within the grounds of Bank Mill and is situated adjacent to the main building This is the assembly area for people arriving, departing or being caught up in a total evacuation should the cause ever arise. We have parking space for up to 40 cars and an overspill park for an additional 30 when busy.

Lost Children

Bankmill has sufficient members off staff on hand to be able to help any child who becomes separated from a group.

Toilet Block

The block is situated next to the coffee shop, and is accessible from the outside. Toilets are available for male, female and disabled.

Working Nursery - Machinery

Bank Mill is a working Nursery and consequently we would ask that children be supervised at all times.
We have a continuous movement of manual barrows and trolleys throughout the Nursery, and occasionally the Fork Lift is used to load and unload vehicles in the car park. When this equipment is not in use it is kept in an exclusion zone and when in use under the control of an experienced operative.

Fire Risk

We are viewed as being low risk given that all access is on ground floor with ample doors and our buildings are constructed of glass, aluminum or Polythene sheeting. There is a dry powder extinguisher at the cash desk, and other extinguishers in the kitchen and offices, they are serviced annually in May by Fire point Ltd of Lark hall, Lanarkshire.

Glass Risk

All the roof glass in the Public Retail area, the Coffee Shop and Jurassic Island is 4mm toughened grade “A” safety glass to BS 6206A standard. Glass in the Reptilia are 4mm glass covered with protective film. Glass is checked on a regular basis and any cracked or broken replaced immediately.

Total Evacuation

In the event of total evacuation for any reason the assembly point is in the car park which is accessible from all parts of the Nursery Glasshouse, Poly tunnel, Jurassic Island, Coffee Shop, Nature Reserve.

Nature Reserve

Electric fences surrounding the duck pond and outer field perimeter are switched off before Bankmill is open to the public and switched on again last thing at night. Should a fence have to be left on during the day warning signs will be fastened to the wire at prominent positions.
Health and safety regulations make entry to the duck pond enclosure strictly staff only. Pond dipping however is available for visiting parties if a member of staff is present at the time. This member of staff cannot be held responsible for the actions of visitors. For the safety of children and for the well being of creatures it is important that during these sessions you as guardian must hold an active supervisory role.
Running and unruly behavior is strictly forbidden.

Fish Pond & Fish Tanks

There are signs stating that children need to be accompanied by a responsible adult, again we ask you as the guardian to hold the supervisory role. It is childhood temptation to throw stones into the pond and fish tanks, this causes unnecessary stress for the fish and therefore is strictly forbidden.

Deep Water

The Duck Pond, and Natterjack Ponds are all enclosed with locked gates. The Fish Ponds enclosure is open but the bridge and ponds are enclosed with steel mesh fencing making entry virtually impossible. We would ask that children are constantly supervised when in the vicinity of any of these areas.

Supervision of Children (Under 16 years of age)

There are certain areas of Bank Mill where a responsible adult must accompany children.
The Car Park, Jurassic Island, Fish Tanks, Enclosed ponds and the wetlands scrape area. With school parties we recommend that the child/staff ratio be adequate at all times. If a guided tour is required, then one of our members of staff will be present for most the duration of the tour and will freely try to answer any questions you may have regarding the displays. Our Members of staff are not at any time responsible for the actions carried out by any visiting groups. This is the sole responsibility of the accompanying member of staff or adults. What we will do to the best of our ability is to advise verbally or in writing of the main hazards to visitors. We have a policy of zero tolerance on anyone abusing or frightening any of the animals, birds, reptiles, fish or insects on site.


Bankmill is a working nursery with various comings and goings, Children must be reminded that running could be hazardous to themselves and other visitors and staff.  Therefore please do not run, this action is prohibited.


While in the Butterfly house, children may be tempted to climb the wrought iron railings to have a closer look at the fish in the pond or to climb into the flowerbeds to have a closer look at the butterflies and the waterfall. This action is strictly forbidden.

Touching the Animals

Although the ponies love to be stroked, it is advised due to health and safety of visitors and the welfare of the animals, that no physical contact be made with any of the livestock. If for any reason any visitor comes into contact with the animals, we advise that hands be washed as soon as possible. Hand washing facilities are available in the toilets adjacent to the Coffee Shop. For anyone wanting to conquer their fears and stroke or hold one of our exhibits, a member of staff will be present to supervise this activity. We would also expect you as Guardian of the children to have an active supervisory role. Despite numerous signs of not to touch, visitors of all ages are still tempted to reach out and touch the displays. In reality, this is highly unlikely to be a threat to the public, but in some cases can certainly cause fright and possible trauma to the creatures involved, so it is strictly forbidden.

Tapping or Banging on the Glass

Please do not tap or bang on the glass, this seems to be a reflex action for certain people if a reptile is stationary. There is no chance of the glass breaking but the shock passed onto the reptiles could quite easily cause trauma and even death.

Light Levels

In certain areas the levels of light are low which reduces reflection and makes displays a lot easier to see. This low light level is another reason why running is not permitted.

First Aid

We appreciate there are differences in the regulations concerning children and workers. We have two adequate first aid kits suited to our environment and workers on site, one positioned in the Kitchen and the other in the Nursery Staff working area. The contents are checked on a regular basis. We have qualified members of staff on site at most times, and training is updated every three years to meet the recommendations laid down by the Health and Safety Executive. However it would be appreciated if you think it necessary for you to have a suitably qualified person kitted out with your party.


We have extensive Insurance to cover risks associated with the Bank Mill. The Policy is underwritten by UK Insurance Ltd and can be viewed if required. The Public Liability section has an Indemnity limit of up to £2,000.000 for any one event.


The Bankmill Experience is an All - Weather - Attraction, however for those wishing to visit the outdoor attractions in wet weather it would be advisable to bring suitable clothing and footwear, ie; Waterproofs and Wellingtons.