Nature Reserve - Open daily from 10.00am ... Last entry 4.00pm

Bill James and his family are such keen conservationists that they created a nature reserve within the grounds of Bank Mill Visitor Centre. We have a wet meadow with a 100m scrape for wading birds and a flower meadow with themed planting to encourage butterflies, insects and other wildlife, including the endangered Skylark.Our duck pond attracts various ducks and geese who are always happy to see you especially if you bring them a tasty treat.

THE ANI-MEL HAVEN. ( Rescue Sanctuary )

( Registered charity Number 1161359 )

Most of the animal's here at Bank Mill have been rescued from various traumatic backgrounds ranging from physical abuse to abandonment, injury or neglect.

Our aim is to provide a safe haven where they can live out the rest of their days in a comfortable and healthy environment and receive the love, care and attention every living creature deserves.

Meet and Sponsor some of our Ani-Mel Haven Friends.

  • Raven - The freindly blind crow.
  • Charlie - The Sulphur Crested Cockato - 'happy to have a conversation or two'
  • Our family of Rescue & Retirement Bunnies & Guinea Pigs Sponsored by Lucy Beddoe, Shirley Coxon & Dinah Robertshaw
  • Sox, Foxy & Black - Our resident cats Sponsored by Irene Wilson, Shirley Coxon & Paul Jackson
  • Numerous Ferret Friends
  • Fester - The Highland Bull ( Hand reared by our very own 'Dr Dolittle' Mel )
  • Hope & Destiny - The Dartmoor Ponies
  • Mac - The Therapy Pygmi goat.
  • Minnie, Alfie, Fred, Trevor & Shep - The Pygmy Goats
  • Reggie - The Toggenburg goat
  • Annie & Clara - The Micro Pigs
  • Jekyll and Hydie - The Jacob Sheep ( Hand reared by Mel )
  • Ollie - Our Rescued Swan
  • Mr Gobbles 2 - Our pet Turkey
  • Plop the Tawny Owl Sponsored by Christie Boyd
  • Benny the AIlsbury Duck Sponsored by James
  • ASBO the goose Sponsored by Jake, Lucas & Evie Thursby
  • Flash & April - The little falabella ponies, ( Lovely little April was born with dwarfism so is possibly one of the smallest ponies you'll ever see. )

Hope & Destiny - The Dartmoor Rescue Ponies

Hope & Destiny are our True Dartmoor Ponies who, along with many others were bred solely for slaughter. The Ponies arrived here after Mel saw their appeal on Facebook. Hope & Destiny were fresh off the Moors and totally wild when they first arrived at Bankmill. The once Timid Ponies have flourished in their new safe surroundings, growing more and more confident by the day.  So much so, that when our visitors here enjoy a walk or a sit down in the Nature Reserve, Hope & Destiny love to say hello. They are really beautiful animal's so why not come and see for yourselves?.

Bonnie - the little dressage pony

Bonnie was rescued 3 years ago from a lifetime of severe abuse and neglect.  Over the last three years she has been nursed back to health and learned to trust people once again.


Circumstances changed and her original rescuers could no longer keep her.

She was passed onto a riding school where she was happy to give children lessons. Unfortunately the riding school closed down, and after numorous unsuccessfull attempts at finding Bonnie a new home, she gained the nickname 'The little horse that no-one wants' and was in danger of being put to sleep.

Ani-Mel Haven stepped in after receiving a phone call and on hearing about this lovely girls history Mel decided to offer her a new forever home here with us.


Fester - The Hand Reared Highland Bull

Fester is our Highland Bull, rejected by his mother immediately after birth and had to be hand reared by Mel, our very own Dr.Doolittle.

He is as much our big baby now at 9 years of age as he was the day he was born, and will stand for hours to be tickled… and I'm sure instead of saying "Moo" he says "Mum".

Feed our ducks, Goats & Sheep:  Food available from cash desk in nursery for a ¬£1.00 donation to the charity


The Ani-Mel haven is a registered charity relying solely on public donations, sponsorship, legacies and the sale of second hand books and bric a brac.  Money is used to feed, home and treat all animals at our Haven.


We are also available to visit schools, clubs, day centres, care homes & hospitals to provide animal assisted therapy for anyone who needs it.

Please drop us a line or give us a ring with your requirements and I'm sure Ani-Mel will be able to help.


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Entrance to Nature Reserve, Picnic Area,Maze & Crazy Golf is via donations to the

Ani-Mel Charity.